BLM EIS Scoping Report Now Available

The BLM has published the completed Scoping Report for the proposed Hunt Transmission Project.

From the BLM web site :

"The Scoping Report is an important document in the environmental impact statement (EIS) process, capturing the "scope" of issues to be evaluated in the EIS. The report also serves to guide the formulation of alternatives to be analyzed in the EIS--the next step in the process--now underway by the BLM and its cooperating agencies.

Volume I of the report summarizes all of the comments received from the public and identifies the issues that will be fully analyzed in the EIS and that will drive the development of alternatives. Please note that the issue statements presented under Section 6.0 of this volume may be further refined or expanded as the BLM works with its cooperators to prepare the draft EIS.

Volume II is a catalog of all of the comments received during the scoping period, organized by topic.

This two-volume document has been posted on the BLM's ePlanning webpage for the Verde Transmission Project ."

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