Some useful links and material related to this issue

BLM Document Repository and Comment Submission Form

BLM Comment Form

Hunt Power webpage

Verde Project Plan of development

National Environmental Policy Act Handbook H-1790-1 (January 2008)

Citizen's guide to the NEPA

National Environmental Policy Act Compliance for Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Right-of-Way Authorizations (guidelines for BLM decision process)

BLM appeal procedures

National Cancer Institute webpage discussing the effects of electromagnetic fields on health and their carcinogenicity

Sustainable Land Development Code (Santa Fe County rules and regulation for land use)

Landowner's guide to Right of Way

PNM 2014-2033 Integrated Resource Plan

PNM 2017-2036 Integrated Resource Plan

News: Groups Appeal for 25-year Extension of Four Corners Power Plant and Navajo Mine

RETA, Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans: this website discusses all the negative consequences and effects of overhead power lines on health, safety, environment, property values, and discusses alternatives such as buried lines

Technical Working Group Report for the SunZia Transmission Line Project: Report from a Technical Working Group formed by the DOE and DOI to address the technical feasibility of burying a portion (35 miles) of the 500 kV SunZia transmission line (2013)

San Luis Rio Colorado Project: Environmental Impact Statement

Traditional Communities in Jacona and Jaconita (GIS map)

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Parcels in Jacona and Jaconita (GIS Map)

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Center line of route along Arroyo Jacona

BLM map of land grants along Arroyo Jacona

Flyer - BML Scoping Meeting Dec 12, 2016 Pojoaque

Flyer - Rio Arriba County Dec 15, 2016 Pojoaque