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  • The need for the proposed transmission line has not been stated.

It is stated in A Citizen’s guide to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA): "One key aspect of a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is the statement of the underlying purpose and need. [...] The identification and evaluation of alternative ways of meeting the purpose and need of the proposed action is the heart of the NEPA analysis”.

Where is the energy needed, and how much? How many outages have there been in the last years, and how would the proposed “Verde” line have mitigated them? Where are the “green” projects that will be made possible by this line? Who will benefit from it? Who will pay for it? What is its role in the context of the energy and distribution needs in the South West?

The route proposed is the one with the worst possible environmental impact

  1. The proposed line would be in close proximity of residences and schools
  2. The line crosses Traditional Communities
  3. The line would threaten habitats that are critical for birds and other wildlife in the Southwest.
  4. The line would run at a distance of 1600 ft from the Black Mesa, both a “historic site” and a place sacred to the Native Americans

The proposed line would have 120 ft tall poles every 800 ft or less :

  1. The transmission line and towers cause a greater impact to traditional rural communities’ historic and cultural landscapes.
  2. The lines and towers would drastically devalue the private properties that are adjacent or in proximity to it.
  3. The transmission lines and towers runs across and impact two major historic trails that are in final planning stages.
  4. The view sheds would be impacted by the project; the visual resource management classification for BLM lands in this area appear to be I or II, a wild area rich with natural and cultural resources and epic vistas. The presence of the Verde Transmission Line would result in a class III or IV designation: industrial.
  5. The film industry, which provides substantial economic benefits in jobs and revenue to Northern New Mexico, will be impaired.
  6. Tourism, which is a prime economic engine in Northern New Mexico will be impacted; the proposed line and towers destroy Northern New Mexico’s renowned pristine vistas.

Hunt Power has been in secret negotiations for at least six years. The impacted communities of Northern New Mexico were only notified by the BLM in November. Even now, many individuals and communities impacted by the proposed transmission line and towers are still in the “dark.”

An increasing number of scientific papers show a correlation between the proximity to High Voltage Alternated Current Line and the insurgence of cancer (particularly childhood leukemia) and other diseases.


Any input mast be submitted in writing before January 5, 2017:

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or by mail at : Bureau of Land Management, Verde Transmission Line Project P.O. Box 27115 Santa Fe, NM, 87502-0115

(letters must be RECEIVED by the BLM by January 5, 2017)

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